Gordon Sinclair Imprint Methods

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NEW - Laser 360+

Laser 360+ is using our laser technique as a full wrap on many of our drinkware. This imprint method is a testament to your commitment to elegance and innovation, where lasting magnificence and wow effects unite seamlessly.

Setup $85 (V)
Run Charge $3.25 (V)

Sports Elevation

Sports Elevation is artworks we selected for different sports, such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer, in which a colored gel-like ink is used to create a 3-D effect on the drinkware.
Sports Elevation is a full bleed coverage that can be done on the below white drinkware items:
CC258 - PT16 - SB39 - SB100 - SB139 - SB600 - SB700 - SM10 - SM15 - SM100 - SM265 - SVB250 - SVB315 - TM10 - TM16 - TM20 - VM266 - VM310 - VM314 - VM2038 - VM2068 - VM3000 - VM6000 - US16

Similar to regular Elevation a Pre-Production sample may be required based on the artwork provided.

Hand wash only.

Setup $100 (V)
Run Charge $3.00 (V) added to Online Price of the item

Fresco Full Color Digital Print

Fresco digital printing allows you to print in full color on our flat items such as lids, the bottom of various drinkware items, on our lunchboxes, as well as electronic items. It is a great way to reinforce your brand presence.

Hand wash only

PMS Color Matching & Metallic Colors are NOT available with Fresco.

Fresco Small 3'' or lower (flat items) – Setup $60 (V) – Run Charge $1.00 (V)
Fresco Large over 3'' (flat items) – Setup $80 (V) – Run Charge $2.00 (V)
Fresco Side – Setup $100 (V) – Run Charge $2.00 (V)
Fresco 360+ – Setup $100 (V) – Run Charge $2.25 (V)
Fresco Full Bleed – Setup $120 (V) – Run Charge $3.00 (V)


Elevation is a state-of-the art printing process in which a clear or a colored gel-like ink is used to create a 3-D effect on the drinkware item it is applied to. Rendering a high-end embossed look and feel, this imprint method is a fraction of the cost of actual embossing. Elevation can be used on metal, ceramic or glass drinkware items and offers a unique look on each different surface it is used on.

Artwork must be sent in for review prior to submitting an order. Artwork with thin lines, fine details, and thin reverse outs will not elevate and will fill in. For the best results, a minimum line width of .08 inch is recommended. A Pre-Production sample may be required based on the artwork provided.

Elevation Clear Ink shows up best on colored items - not recommended on white items.

Hand wash only.

Elevation 4CP - Full Color - Side – Setup $100 (V) – Run Charge $2.50 (V)
Elevation 4CP+ - Full Color - Wrap – Setup $100 (V) – Run Charge $3.00 (V)


The method is popular due to its high reliability. It is removing part of the areas (mainly used on stainless steel or metal items). This means that a cavity is created that can be felt by touch.

Setup $60 (V)
Run Charge $2.50 (V)
Run Charges after the first $1.50 (V)

Copper Laser - Copper items only
Setup $60 (V)
Run Charge $4.00 (V)


Silkscreen is the most versatile printing method. Silkscreen printing can be done on nearly all kinds of surfaces including fabric, plastic, wood, metal, etc.

This is really cost effective for large orders.

Setup $60 (V)
Run charges after the first $0.60 (V)

Pad Print

Pad printing is a high-quality print, perfect for unusual shapes and uneven surfaces.
Pad Print imprint method accommodates up to 5 colors for most items. However, please note that certain items may have limitations in color options. We recommend referring to the specific item for further details.

Setup $60 (V)
Run charges after the first $0.60 (V)


Deboss is made when a logo is pressed into the fabric. This method is creating a dimensional depth in the design that will not fade off or wash away. Perfect for any leather products that will look more elegant and will last forever.

Setup $200 (V)
Run Charge $1.00 (V)

Heat Transfer

The heat transfer imprint method is a popular printing technique used for transferring a design or an image onto a substrate using heat and pressure. This imprint method is a versatile, high-quality, and cost-effective printing technique that is widely used for different items, especially for bags.

Heat Transfer 1 Color
- Setup $60 (V) - Run Charge included
Heat Transfer Full Color - Setup $156.25 (V) - Run Charge $2.50 (V)


Sublimation allows you to print full color imprints on ceramic mugs. The imprints are vibrant and colorful. Sublimation allows you to have photo-lab quality and offers great unlimited possibilities.

Sublimation is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramic mugs using four main ingredients: sublimation ink, sublimation transfer paper, heat, and pressure.

The inherent nature of the sublimation process may render slight color variations. This process is durable and dishwasher safe.

PMS Color Matching & Metallic Colors are NOT available with Sublimation

Setup $60 (V)
Run Charge $2.00 (V)


Inserts offer a vibrant way to display your artwork on the inner liner of a double wall clear tumbler. The finished product is uniquely branded and will command the attention of anyone who sees the finished result. Film can be printed with a full-color graphic on a clear background, or a solid color background and knock out the artwork for a special effect. This can also be combined with our glitter inserts for a unique look.
Hand wash only.

Setup $60 (V)
Run Charges:

- Confetti Insert $1.88 (V)
- Glitter Insert $1.50 (V)
- Film Insert $2.50 (V)
- Paper Insert $1.50 (V)
- Iridescent Insert $1.50 (V)
- Metallic Insert $1.50 (V)
- Marble Insert $1.50 (V)
- Burlap Insert $2.50 (V)
- Patches - depends on the size. See specific items for more details


Cold Color Changing Ink

Introducing our groundbreaking color-changing ink that will leave your customers in awe! Picture this: as soon as a cold liquid is poured into the drinkware item, our ink performs its mesmerizing transformation, instantly captivating anyone wholays their eyes on it.
The plus - the ink is dishwasher safe.
See below the colors and items we offer it on - more to come.

Setup $60 per color(V)
Run charge - Side $1.25 (V) - Wrap $1.80 (V)

Frost to color (Cold Activated Ink) - FOR GLASSES and US16
- Frost to Blue
- Frost to Red
- Frost to Green
- Frost to Orange
- Frost to Magenta
- Frost to Black

Color to Color (Cold Activated Ink) - FOR METAL
- Hot Pink to Purple
- Yellow to Red
- Green to Blue
- Pink to Black
- Lime to Mulberry
- Blue to Purple

Chalk Ink

Customize many of our drinkware items with chalkboard ink.
Two pieces of white chalk included.
Silkscreen items only.
Hand wash only.

Setup $60 (V)
Run Charge $1.00 (V)

Etch Ink

Mimic the laser engraving, perfect on glassware and other items.

Hand wash only.

Setup $60 (V)
Run Charge Included

Glitter Ink

Add some sparkle to your logo!

Glitter ink is available on many of our drinkware items. Artwork must be sent in for review prior to submitting an order. This process lays a heavy deposit of ink; therefore, Artwork with thin lines, fine details, and thin reverse outs will not print properly & will fill in. For best results a minimum line width of .08 inches is recommended.

Hand wash only - NOT Dishwasher Safe

Available imprint colors: silver & gold.

Setup $60 (V)
Run Charge $1.00 (V)

Gloss Ink

Add a rich shiny smooth feel to your logo. Gloss ink looks best on colored items.

Gloss ink not available on white, white marble, & woodgrain.

Setup $60 (V)
Run Charge $1.00 (V)

Neon Ink

Printed on most substrates, this will allow your logo to POP for no additional cost. The effect will create a very intense and bright impression for your logo.

Neon Ink works best on white or light-colored items. Neon ink will appear darker on dark colored items.

Hand wash only

Colors available: Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Blue, and Fluorescent Green.

Setup $60 (V)
Run Charge $1.00 (V)

Matte Ink

Add a matte look or tone-on-tone effect to your logo. Available in most colors.

Hand wash only.

Setup $60 (V)
Run Charge $1.00 (V)